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Warning: N. Korea Is Mapping Specific Plans For a Deadly EMP Attack On The U.S.

By Lisa Haven On Monday, November 20th, North Korea issued a veiled threat of a nuclear strike on Japan, vowing to make the country “disappear at once” if Tokyo continues with what Pyongyang termed “war hysteria.” It has also has threatened to do the same to the United States of America. Truth is, North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un has been teetering on that promise for quite some time and now, the White House is beginning to take note. Recently President Trump was warned that North Korea has been in the process of mapping plans for a devastating attack...

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Big-Brother Is Coming for This Right NOW—Americans Are At a Dire Turning Point—Arrests Are Made

By Lisa Haven GOOGLE is the first to know you are going through a crisis, they know things before you know things. They follow you on your phone, your computer. And we allow it, not anymore! VPN’s or Virtual Private Networks are being BANNED all over the world. China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and if something ISN’T DONE NOW to stop it, we could be looking at the same style of censorship here in America. For example, China has decided to crack down on VPN users and ban them because they want ultimate control of their people....

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A Fatima BOMBSHELL! What Really Happened That Day! LA Marzulli Spills Everything!

By Lisa Haven On July 13, 1917, an extrodinary event took place a vision, a miracle happened and thousands of people witnessed UFO like activity in the skies. Today the event is known as Fatima. In the video below I interview L.A. Marzulli, a Christian author, filmmaker and avid studier of the “paranormal”, believes he has uncovered details on this mysterious Fatima event. L.A. is widely known for creating eight books that made the CBA best sellers list and creating a DVD series called, The Watchers in which he won UFO Best Film and the People Choice Awards at the UFO Congress in 2014. He...

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Science Fiction No More: A Real Clone On Video and Their Future Plans…

By Lisa Haven In July 1996, more than 20 years ago, Dolly was the first cloned sheep born at a research facility in Scotland. Scientists were enamored that she lived for six and a half years and then died of a lung infection. Since then, they have cloned over 250 horses, thousands of pigs, sheep, and cattle. But they are not stopping there! They are now targeting pet owners and have cloned a dog named Baxter. All that and more in this breaking report… </i GET NOBLE GOLD ROTH IRA, SILVER, METALS: Or Call – 888-596-7916 FREE E-Book...

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It Continues! Holistic Doctors Dropping Like Flies, 77 Dead—Big Pharma, Big Conspiracy?

By Lisa Haven The mysterious string of holistic doctor deaths continues… Since early 2015 multiple holistic doctors have been mysteriously dying. Many murdered, some reportedly committing suicide by jumping off buildings, while others have freak accidents. The truth is something is happening to these doctors and it’s not just a coincidence that 77 have now died since 2015. In the video below I detail these 77 deaths. I explain how they died and how might be behind the killings. All that and more in this report… Here’s a short list, some with hyperlinks, to the doctors who have died...

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