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New Atlantis Found?? Did Google Earth Reveal Plato’s 400-Mile Undersea Location?

New Atlantis Found?? Did Google Earth Reveal Plato’s 400-Mile Undersea Location? By Lisa Haven GOOGLE Earth may hold the clues to where the mythical city of Atlantis can be found. Back in 2009 footage appeared showing the outline of an ancient settlement in the middle of the ocean — a square one that many thought was Atlantis, taken above an area off of the Madeira Abyssal Plane, off the coast of Morocco.    Here’s the Image… However many questioned the discovery because when Plato wrote about Atlantis in his writings, he described circular land masses. As a result,  a frenzy...

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Global Targeted Attacks Fueled—Unprecedented Turn and Earth Is The Battlefield

By Lisa Haven What is Nationalism? According to Wikipedia nationalism is a “patriotic feeling, principles, or efforts towards one country. A feeling of superiority of your country over others. Advocacy of political independence for a particular country.” I don’t know about you but Nationalism sounds pretty awesome if you ask me. Loving your country, the country you pay taxes to, the country you were born in, the country that you live in. In a nutshell “nationalism” is “patriotism for your country.” So what the heck is wrong with the looney left and why do they want to lead us...

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WW3 Ignites—Russia Instructed To Prep For Armageddon—While America Doesn’t—We’re Being Forced Into Global Governance

By Lisa Haven “Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins.” Isaiah 17:1 At least 200 have died in the Syrian airstrikes that took place on the outskirts of Damascus this weekend where the United States, Britain, and France bombed Syria over a suspected chemical attack being blamed on Assad. Truth is, the rebels have been busted chemically attacking their own people a few times already and there is no doubt they have done it this time. If President Trump, France, and Britain are all aware of this, then why blame Assad? All...

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WHAT?! Odd Military Weapons The Government Planned To Use On The Population

By Lisa Haven Weapon design is often meant to inspire fear, but occasionally it’s just so strange that you end up wondering, ‘what on earth were they thinking?’ Such is the case with the weapons you are about to see in the video below. I include not only real images of the machine, but a write-up about what each was intended t do. All that and more below… 10 Craziest Military Weapons The Government Planned on Using On the Population: Laser-Induced Plasma Channel – (a gun like Zeus’s Thunder arsenal) It sends a lighting bold on a direct path...

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Escape From “New York” Leading Investor Drops Earth Shattering News!!

By Lisa Haven So many things are heating up around the world and time is running out for people to prepare and ready themselves for what’s ahead. Financial analysts are asking if 2018 will be the year the economy finally crashes or if it will hold out for another year. To be frank, foreigners governments have already dumped US debt at records rates and the Baltic Dry Index is going bonkers. With this in mind, I thought it best to offer a solution to the depressing economy and interview economic strategist and stock trading specialist, Bob Kudla, owner of Trade Genius, a...

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