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Kim Launched Another Missile—Guess Which U.S. States This Admiral Says Are His Targets?

By Lisa Haven As United States warships approach North Korea, Kim Jong Un has decided, yet again, to launch another missile test taunting President Trump to respond. Thankfully, when this ballistic missile was launched it ended up being another epic failure for the North Korean dictator. But these are not the only things that Kim is taunting the United States with. He has also put out multiple videos showing the US’s destruction. I believe something needs to be done soon about this psycho tyrant who continually harasses the USA. All that and more in this report…    For More...

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With All Eyes On The War This Goes PURPOSEFULLY Ignored! What They’re Distracting You From Seeing

By Lisa Haven Earlier this year on March 7th, 2017, Wikileaks downloaded to its website one of their biggest data dumps on the CIA to date; a dump that they have called Vault 7. For years alternative media has been making the claim that agencies within the government have been publicly spying on the American people and now their theories have been confirmed via, not only Edward Snowden but now via Wikileaks. According to Julian Assange: “The CIA had created, in effect, its “own NSA” with even less accountability and without publicly answering the question as to whether such a...

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We’re In The DANGER ZONE—War, Black Mail & a Twisted Surprise…

By Lisa Haven America is a ticking time bomb. One second she is resting in her peace and the other she is screaming for aid. With globalists empires like Google and Facebook rising to the forefront and forcing their dirty hands into things, our lives, as we know it, are at stake. Specifically our First Amendment right, and we have hit the DANGER ZONE! In the video below former radio talk show host and CEO of Life Change Tea, Ronnie McMullen,  and I discuss the real implications that will strike America if these empires are allowed with their corruption...

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North Korea Fires Rockets And Torpedos, LOOK What Trump Immediately Did In Response

By Lisa Haven It’s on!! North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un is pushing President Trump’s buttons. In a blunt show of force, the North Korean dictator decided to shot around 300-400 rockets and torpedoes into the air claiming it was for their 85th Military Anniversary, however, Trump knows better than to believe his “hot-headed” lies. In response, our president sent a little “surprise” off the shores of California. All that and more in the video below… For More Information See:...

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Coincidence? April 26th Two “Military Drills” Happen Simultaneously And Trump Holds EMERGENCY Meeting

By Lisa Haven Wednesday, April 26th, 2017. That is the day two “terrorist drills” will be happening simultaneously and the day that Donald Trump will be gathering together the 100 senators for an emergency meeting at the white house. Not to mention the fact that the USS Vinson will be arriving at the Korean Peninsula right around that time. Could one say this is all just a big fat coincidence, or is there something more going on?? You Decide…   Detailed Breakdown: Operation Gotham Shield Happens– April 24th- April 28th. Full Scale Exercise to Prepare For Terrorist Attacks– April 26th...

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