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Whats About To Hit U.S. Shores Will Knock Us All Out Cold—100% Proof Something Big’s Coming and It’s Found In an Ignored Document

By Lisa Haven “The burden of the uninsured immigrant is huge. It’s exploded the amount of work [hospitals] have to do.” Jeff Spade, vice president of the North Carolina Hospital Association says We don’t have to look very far to see the effects mass immigration has had on our health care system. We only have to look to Germany and a report put out in 2009 that reveals some shocking information about what’s about to happen here in America. In the video below I delve through a report from 2009 titled The Sinking Lifeguard Report on Uncontrolled Immigration and...

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Obama Just Ordered/Forced Our Public Schools To… Your Blood Will Boil With Fury…

By Lisa Haven “President Obama is ordering the nation’s public schools to welcome illegal immigrant students, promote his amnesty program and “embrace and value” the diversity and cultural backgrounds of the foreigners receiving a free, American taxpayer-funded education.” That is the shocking truth of a recent report that has surfaced called, Supporting Undocumented Youth, that Obama is forcing all public schools to comply, regardless of the fact that it is against the law to do so. Here is the breaking report… “Educate all students about the challenges and strengths of undocumented students, such as by hosting an Undocumented Week....

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Spooky, Secret Truth You Don’t Want To Know About America But Have To—It’ll Literally Change Everything

By Lisa Haven ‘…The entire world has come under a great cloud of fear…’ reported The Wall Street Journal Now aint that the true! We are gripped by fear and dismay. Extreme weather, the middle east crises, moral decay, economic collapse, riots, wars, debt, inflation, famine, strange noises in the skies, scandals, gun regulation; you name it, somewhere in the world is going through it! But one problem that seems to hit us all in the face, is our continued loss of freedom. This problem has been slowly creeping in and today we have lost more freedoms than we...

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When You Find Out The Draconian Move Our Government Just Made, You’ll Be Driven By Rage To Stand Against It

By Lisa Haven “If the SAFE Act is upheld by the Supreme Court, nothing prevents Congress from summarily outlawing tens of millions of firearms overnight. Once those firearms become contraband, the government may confiscate and destroy them without compensating the owner (just as the government confiscates and destroys illegal drugs).” The American Thinker Sadly the SAFE Act (or as I like call it the Not so Safe Act) has just been deemed Constitutional!!! In the video below I delve through the real facts about whats about to play out here in America with gun legislation and eventually gun confiscation...

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IMF Just Made a Huge Announcement That Will Change Everything in American When Implemented…

By Lisa Haven The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is a powerful and manipulative globalist organization known for monitoring the financial health of more than 185 countries, establishing global money laws, and providing “bail-out’s” to nations. They have a lot of power and are capable of accomplishing tasks of unprecedented proportions. On October 19th the IMF made one of their biggest announcements yet, an announcement so massive that it will greatly impact the pockets of all Americans when it comes to fruition. Here is the breaking report… “We can’t stand idly by as billions of tons of carbon pollution spew...

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