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Attention Christians! Texas Pastors Ordered to Turn Sermons over to Gov-and You Won't Believe Their Stunning Response…

In biblical times Shadrack, Meshack, and Abednego were tossed into a fiery furnace because they refused to bow down to an idol. Among countless others, these men were the only ones who stood in stark opposition to what the king demanded of his people. Everyone else caved under pressured and bowed out of fear of being thrown into the fiery furnace. Today, many pastors in Houston, Texas are being tempted to disobey God just like Shadrack, Meshack, and Abednego were. Except these pastors are being subpoenaed by local governing authorities to turn in their sermons in order that they...

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WWIII Happening Right Under Our Noses While all Eyes are on Ebola: China, Russia, and US are Major Players and You Won't Believe Who They Predict Will Lose…

Tensions between America, Russia, and China have been growing for a number of years, and the countries are currently involved in currency and weapon war because of the devaluing of the dollar. Russian and China continue to wean themselves off of the petrodollar and they have been flexing their muscles to establish their own currency as the new world reserve currency in place of the falling dollar. Additionally, Russian Spetsnaz troops (special forces of the Russian Army) are now in our country training with our military and according to some reports there are 1,000′s of them!  Russian suitcase nukes have been reported to have been pre-planted for decades in...

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So It Begins! Many Potential Ebola Patients Disappear and Duncan’s Nurse Becomes Second Victim to Test Positive for Ebola and Declaration of Public Health Emergency Issued?!

Breaking! The nurse who had extensive contact with Mr. Duncan in the hospital just came down with Ebola. She did wear protective gear including a gown, gloves, mask and a shield during her multiple visits to Thomas Eric Duncan’s room, however health officials are claiming there was a breach in protocol. The Centers for Disease Control performed testing on the blood sample, and confirmed the results Sunday, making this the first known transmission of Ebola in America and the second diagnosis in the country. As of yet there are no reports of how many people have come into contact...

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Attention Christians!!! Paul Washer Drops a Frightening Bombshell…

It’s not every day that evangelists such as Paul Washer drop bombshells on the populace. However this bombshell is one worth repeating and one that needs to be heard by every Christian ear willing to listen. We are heading into a time of catastrophe and we must be ready to face it head on!! Please take the time to listen to this urgent message from God’s servant…. (Note: Though Paul Washer stated this in 2013, a strong reminder is imperative with the increased persecution we are witnessing from the terrifying group known as ISIS and the continued attack on...

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Bombshell! Ebola Tests Comes Back as False Negative!? How Many Have Been Released that Could Still be Infected? Did They Check it Twice?

Test after test has been administered here in America and many have come back negative from New York, to DC, to Hawaii. But the thing is are these negatives really negative or do they have a chance of being a false negative?  Is it even possible for an Ebola test to come back wrong? While I do believe all the tests in America thus far have been correct, we unfortunately are not being told all the details about this raging virus. One minor detail is being purposefully left out and that is the nature of scientific assays for the...

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