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Breaking! Live Streams- Freddie Gray: Baltimore Protests! It's Getting Crazy!

Editors Note: If the streaming videos are not on air, stay tuned, our reporters are following leads to events happening around the city and will be traveling from “Hot” spot to “Hot” spot as the protessts heat up. Thank you for following B4IN.  Police Dashcam Video of the Freddie Murder below. Before It’s News will be live streaming Baltimore protests today at 12:00 pm EDT.   Click Here to See the Live...

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Christians In Trouble: 190 Cities Aid in Americas Destruction! DOD Trains For Civil Unrest With Weapons Aimed at Participants!

By Lisa Haven  “A government which will turn its tanks upon its people, for any reason, is a government with a taste of blood and a thirst for power and must either be smartly rebuked, or blindly obeyed in deadly fear.” – John Salter Our government is doing just that! They are turning their back on us and displaying their power hungry control and we are in deep trouble if we allow it to continue. If truth be told we have crossed the threshold into a particularly concerning chapter in the American story, one that shifts us from a...

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Mainstream Media Versus Alternative Media. Who’s Better?

For far to long the horrors of mainstream media sites link CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, and other national TV news sites have been misleading the public by spreading half truths and straight up lies. In fact the public has been aware of it for quite some time and it’s high time we start taking media into our own hands and start focusing on alternative media that is not bought and paid for by government bureaucrats running our  country to the ground. So what is the difference between Mainstream Media and Alternative Media? Mainstream Media: They include television, radio, online, and...

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Red Alert! DHS and FBI Issue a Threatening Bulletin, “Homegrown Terrorism, Patriots” A Threat! The Truth Behind What’s Really Going To Happen and Fast…

Recently reporters Hagmann and Hagmann stumbled upon a disturbing 7 page bulletin that was jointly issued by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the FBI just three days before the twentieth anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing event titled, “Twenty Years after the Oklahoma City Bombing, Domestic Extremism Remains a Persistent Threat.” The information contained in this bulletin not only threatens our sovereign as American citizens but also warns of the rise of ‘homegrown terrorist’ and how they are a consistent threat. They go as far as to label what happened to patriots at Bundy Ranch in Nevada...

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What Did They Know That We Don’t? 125 Dead Scientists, 75 Dead Bankers, and Dead Journalists! Who’s Behind it and Why…

By Lisa Haven Whatever big secret these scientists, bankers, and journalists harbored it cost them their lives. But thankfully there are people who can put the puzzle pieces together so their deaths were not in vain. While history proves the elite will stop at nothing to silence those with critical information, they are now having a much harder time accomplishing this task due to the sleeping giant known as, “the internet.” In this technological era that we live mass amounts of information can be hoisted out on major platforms hitting huge amounts of views in small amounts of times. Because of the internet these conspiracies are coming to light and the truth is finally starting to surface. So what do the death of bankers, scientists, and journalists have in common and what exactly is it that they know that we don’t…..   Read Or It’ll Be Too Late! This Newly Declassified Document Reveals More Then You Bargained For and Exposes Nightmarish Weapons the Gov’t Plan to Use on Dissidents When Martial Law or a Crisis Hits!   For More Information See:

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