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Disturbing Global Elite Document Surfaces Promoting a Pandemic Police State Scenario That is Eerily Similar to Events Playing Out Today! Don’t Miss This! It’s Huge!

In a 2010 scenario planning report compiled by one of the infamous globalist’s organization known as the Rockefeller Foundation and the Global Business Network, the idea of a technological police state in response to a global pandemic was entertained.   The document, called Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development, attempts to provide various scenarios for government responses to potential disasters while painting the solution as global governance, aka the New World Order.   In the video below I dive through the 54 pages contained in this elitist’s document unveiling what could be in the very near...

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This Goes Way too Far! Look What Common Core is Teaching Your Children When You are Not Around at Their NWO Training Centers – From Sex Posters, to Explicit Content, to Much, Much Worse….

Once “Evil” Core was implemented into the public school system all education went to the crapper. Common Core has changed our public classrooms into NWO training centers and they are teaching our children everything from explicit content, to masturbation, to how to have sex, to sexual questions, to the gay agenda, to pornography, to communism, to God only knows what else! All I can say is that I am sick on tired of them doing whatever they want with our children behind our backs! Our kids are being indoctrinated and sadly many are sitting back letting it happen. In...

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Finally! Scientists Discover a Virus that Makes People Stupid and it Has Already Infected Half the Population! The Proof You’re Looking For!

Finally! Something solid that proves, without a doubt, that half of the population could be infected with the “stupid virus”…literally!  This just might be the answer we’ve all been looking for as to why so many around us seem to be intellectually challenged and so easily accept the garbage that the Obama administration puts out.   Now we have scientific proof that backs our observation of people in general. This virus, known as ATCV-1, can alter the function and expression of brain cells. Here is the breaking report… For More Information See: Read Now it Will be Removed by...

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What you Think You Know Will Pale in Comparison to What you are About to Find Out: New Exclusive Interview With Rebel Illuminati, Nephilim Member

It is a well known fact that the conspiracy to dominate the world is attributed to the mysterious group known as the Illuminati. While it is rare to gain an insider’s perspective on how these secretive groups actually operate and perceive mankind, it can be done if you find the right source…of which I have! Rick Price, author of The Rick Factor Radio Broadcast Show, is forced by birth to be an Illuminati member. While he is a Christian and pure rebel to the group he openly shares his dealings with the organization from demonic encounters, to his Nephilim/Indigo...

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Read Before This is Eliminated By the Government: Hidden NAS Document Surfaces Promoting Mass Sterilization, One-Child Policy, and Pandemics to Kill off the Population Here in America and Globally! Major Proof This is Just What They Want…But Read Fast…It Could Be Gone!

Every so often I come across a document that literally makes my heart sink at the thought that those in high positions of office are running our country to its death….literally! It’s also times like these that I’m proud to do my job by getting the message to the public. With more evidence bubbling to the surface it is almost hard not to believe the heinous agenda planned by those in leadership. Today, I stumbled across a report put out by the National Academy of Science called, Human population reduction is not a quick fix for environmental problems. This...

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