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“Were Screwed” Says White House Correspondent and Gov Document Surfaces Exposing the Real Truth Behind Ebola and how More Trouble is Headed Our Way…. Please Don’t Miss This!

News about the widening Ebola outbreak is getting worse by the day. Thus far, 7,000 persons have been infected and about 3,500 have died—including our first official case in Dallas, Texas. Furthermore, rumors have been circulating about the possibility of Ebola infected persons from Arizona all the way to Washington D.C. If these headlines have left you wondering whether we are nearing a global pandemic with scenes reminiscent of movies like “Outbreak”, then here is something to ponder, at a recent Ebola conference White House Correspondent with CBS News Major Garrett, accidently left his mic on and was caught...

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Illuminati’s Next Bombshell Hits in November?!

Every significant wealth event has been devised by a powerful, secretive few. From the corridors of Capitol Hill to the boardrooms of Wall Street, this covert society has been lurking in the shadows, pulling the strings and levers of power in the financial markets and now they have in their grasp a financial plan for November of this year and trust me you don’t want to miss this video….  “The very word ‘secrecy’ is repugnant in a free and open society, and we are as a people, inherently and historically, opposed to secret societies, secret oaths, and secret proceedings...

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Who are the Collins Elite and Why You Need to Know the Startling Information they Uncovered About UFO’s and their Real Agenda…

For decades fables of alien abductions, UFO encounters, flying saucer sightings, and other haunting stories have led millions to believe that extraterrestrial life is secretly among us. But what if those millions of people are all wrong? What if the UFO phenomenon has a much darker and more ominous origin then we have been lead to believe? In the video below I dive into the mysterious origins of the group known as the Collins Elite who were first exposed by author Nick Redfern in his book Final Events. This top secret group is believed to be working with the...

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What!? Rabies-Ebola Hybrid Vaccine in the Making? Government Patented Proof – I Don’t Make This Stuff Up…

In the zombie flick 28 Days Later an unstoppable viral plague sweeps the nation altering people into brainless monsters with cannibalistic tendencies. Though dead people can’t come back to life, certain virus can provoke aggression, zombie-like behavior. For example, rabies–a viral disease that infects the central nervous system–has the capability to drive a person violently mad. Feelings such as anxiety, confusion, hallucinations, and paralysis are all typical applicants of the rabies virus. If we were to combine rabies with Ebola or the flu virus it could easily spread through the air and we might have our version of a...

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Warning! This Globalist Agenda Will Give you Nightmares: A Stunning Revelation With Epic Consequences – Extinction of "Useless Eaters" Has Begun!

While the world is watching the mainstream media report lies, the Global Elite are secretly implementing their plans of mass human slaughter. According to the Georgia Guidestones they want millions of people dead and will stop at nothing to get it done. So they aggressively pursue their plan of depopulation… Today many methods of depopulation are being implemented. The three major depopulation agents include: worldwide hunger ( 7-8 million deaths yearly), war (killing an average of half a million people per year), and diseases (2-3 million deaths per year), specifically the Ebola virus on the forefront today. Other methods...

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