Author: Lisa Haven

The Greatest Nightmare About to Unfold! Proof They are Pacifying the Public to Martial Law and Civil Unrest!

By Lisa Haven “…the battlefield may no longer be limited to regions afar, but may include the U.S. homeland.” That is the unnerving quote found in a government study titled “Unconventional Operational Concept and the Homeland.” While America may not yet feel like we are living in the middle of a battlefield, we could very well become caught in the coming battle many are projecting for the the near future…at least that is what the Department of Defense wants citizens to believe. Considering the United States government has been significantly increasing their training preparations with massive military drills like...

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Absurd! School Teaches Children There is No Such Thing as Male and Female! We are Living in the Last Days!

By Lisa Haven It seems one can hardly watch television anymore without the bombardment of profanity, sexual content, violence, wizardry, and promiscuity –and that’s just the commercials! Fifty years ago such immoral content would have been considered too scandalous to be aired on live TV. Yet today, such programs are not only watched but promoted and encouraged.Where has America gone? How about our schools? Since 1963, the year prayer was removed, our schools have plummeted morally. High School pregnancies have increased by 200%, school shootings are on a rocketed rise, STD’s in children are up by 230%, condoms are...

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Secret Weapon Taking Over America Exposed: Radical Islam, Muslim Brotherhood Waging War From the Inside…

By Lisa Haven  Since Obama’s amnesty push there have been thousands of Latin Americans pouring across our Southern borders on a daily basis and while there arrival is of grave concern, there is a far graver threat haunting the very core of our country. Since the early 1990’s nearly two million Muslims have made their way into U.S. Cities and unlike those coming in illegal at our border, these Muslims have the full backing of the U.S. federal government. Many scholars have warned that there would be severe repercussions for allowing such a mass migration of Muslims. They warned...

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UN Launches Global Agenda 21 as Pope Calls Religions To Lead it! All Coinciding on the Blood Moon Tetrad Week

By Lisa Haven Timing is everything! When major leaders of the world purposefully plan to address other leaders on specific holidays or solar events, than there is something more going on than what meets the eye! In this case, Pope Francis will not only be addressing the US Congress but also will be addressing the United Nations during such an event. Two globally minded agendas are being brought forth and it’s all happening the week of the final Blood Moon Tetrad. On September 24th Pope Francis is scheduled to address the U.S. Congress in order to, “bring hope in...

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HUGE: Psychiatry Used as a Tool To Eliminate Conspiracy Theorists and Dissidents! Shocking Repeat of the Soviet Union in America!

By Lisa Haven You don’t have to be crazy to believe conspiracy theorists, but according to research it certainly helps. In fact, just believing in them indicates you are more likely to be paranoid or mentally ill, according to a few studies done here in the U.S. The sad truth is this rings eerily similar to the events that transpired in the mid 1900’s with the Soviet Union where political dissidents were labeled psychiatric nuts and dubbed with “sluggish schizophrenia” for opposing those in government. In fact psychiatry was used as a weapon to eliminate “political opponents” who openly...

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13912723_967995199966121_377292543455143214_nLisa Haven is an independent Christian news analyst and one of the top contributors on She is also the author of www.LisaHaven.News and runs her own youtube channel with millions of views. She also has done speaking engagements, written bible studies, and has spoken on numerous radio broadcasts. Digging deep and finding truth is what she lives for. Her passion is to spread truth no matter where it lies. She covers everything from martial law, to FEMA camps, to end time bible prophecy, to government documents and much more!


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