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An Unspeakable Hell Just Unleashed in the US as Antichrist Candidate Builds 10 Nation Kingdom and School Children are Being Taught to Worship….Chilling Find!

I urge you to please watch the video below in its entirety. There is so much on the video that is imperative to hear. It dives into the very core of Islamic end time prophecies about the coming Antichrist as well as the formation of the ten toes found in the book of Daniel and the complete Islamization of our children here in America. I believe you will be not only surprised at the finding but shocked by them. Here is ISIS’s proposed 10 Muslim regions without the 3 Christian nations that must be taken over:  1-Anatolia (Turkey) 2-Kurdistan 3-Gogaz,...

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This Halloween Horror Will Hit America…We are in Big Trouble… (Elite NWO Video)

No one is 100% safe. From the smallest towns to the largest cities local police agencies can instantly seize them with the stroke of a pen from an order above. They can transform themselves from peacekeepers to an occupying military force and have proven as such with the events in Ferguson, Missouri. If you don’t want to be manhandled, then don’t say or do or suggest anything that hints at noncompliance. The thin line between man and police has thickened and if you want to walk away with your life and freedoms intact, then you must leave well enough...

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The Nightmare Scenario has Broke Loose! This Elite Agenda is Now Wreaking Havoc Globally on Churches, Politics, Families and More. The Lies That You are Told by Media Have Been Busted Wide Open and Trust me It’s Not What You Think…

“The high office of the President has been used to foment a plot to destroy America’s freedom and before I leave office, I must inform the citizen of this plight.” JFK Right before his death John F. Kennedy tried to warn the people of America about the highly secretive group known as the Illuminati but sadly he never got the chance because his assassination followed shortly their after… In truth this group has had their tentacles in almost every aspect of our lives in some way shape or form and they sit in the highest levels of governments secretly...

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CDC Mandate Forces Vaccinations or Be…the Answer Will Floor You! Plus if Ebola Spreads Unvaccinated Children Will be Kicked out of School – They’ve Done it Before and They’ll Do it Again…Here’s Your Proof!

It all begin in 1905 when the Jacobson case went to court against the state of Massachusetts. This was a public health law case where the U.S. Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling to upheld the right of the state to force vaccination. The court declared that smallpox was a reasonable threat and that police power of the state could be used to protect the public health and safety of others.  (197 U.S. at 25, 25 S.Ct. at 361). Despite Massachusetts enacted statute that authorized local boards of health to require vaccinations, Jacobson challenged his conviction and refused to...

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Exposed: Leaked Government Documents with Dire Consequences to Those Who Are Affected By Them! Be Warned and Educated About What’s Ahead! Chilling Discoveries from Mass Graves, to Government Owned Pastors, to Labor Camps and… (Video)

Every once in a while you come across a government document that holds imperative and quite frankly frightening information. In the video below I dove through many of them painting an overall agenda of what the elite have in mind for our country. While I had hoped for sunshine and lollipops…that was not what I found. To be honest I couldn’t help but get upset about the information I discovered and not only will it anger you but it will make your blood boil as you discover the freedoms being ripped from right underneath our noses not only by...

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