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Paris is a False Flag and a Cover For This Heinous Scandal Going on Now, Right Under Our Noses – Don’t Miss This!

With all the talk about everything going on in Paris with the hostage situation and standoff, mainstream media is attempting to convince you that their story is more important than the Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew pedophile scandal going on right under our noses. In truth it is just another false flag distraction to hid what the elite are really partaking in. Why anyone would want to cover for a pedophile scandal is beyond me, but I do believe money plays a part…. For More Information See: Paris: Paris False Flag: Clinton Scandal: Prince Andrew Scandal: Pope Scandal: Royals Scandal:

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Leaked Government Documents with Dire Consequences Exposing Plans to Use Lethal Force on Citizens! What You Need to Know to Survive What's Coming!

Barack Obama has consistently boasted about his ploy to execute executive power and sideswipe congress. He has done it on many occasions and continues to do so as congress turns a blind eye to his unruly power grab. He has every means of becoming a tyrannical superpower if given the opportunity. Not only that but he has been empowered to created his own private army and will likely use the IRS in much the same way Hitler did, forcing people to get behind his policies. Americans may very well wake up one day to find that Obama–or any other...

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It Has Started: Food Shortages, Economic Disaster Predicted by Top Experts, US Holds 25% Of the Worlds Prisoners (Police State), Russia to Dump the US… It’s Not Coming It’s Here…

So many things are heating up around the world and time is running out for people to prepare and ready themselves for what’s ahead. Financial analysis’s are asking if 2015 will be the year the economy finally crashes or if it will hold out for another few years. Russia is questioning dumping the US and encouraging other countries to do likewise. Food shortages are beginning in Venezuela and could very well hit the US soon. All this to say we are on the brink of some pretty major events and we need to ready ourselves spiritually, mentally, and physically....

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Have I Just Discovered What the Mark of the Beast Will Use to Keep People From Yanking Out There Chip and Controlling People? Check out This Patented Technology that Brings us Full Swing Towards Transhumanism…

Patent number WO 2005055579 A1 is a patent that boasts of providing a form of artificial telepathy with no obvious signs of connection. This is a frightening advancement for believers of Bible prophecy, such as myself, because this could very well provide Satan the ability, once people are micro-chipped with the Mark of the Beast, to not want to remove their chip.   The Bible is clear that in the latter days the “Mark of the Beast” will rise…   Revelation 14:9-11, ”  “If anyone worships the beastand its image and receives its mark on their forehead or on their hand, 10 they,...

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These Jaw-Dropping Forecasts by Chuck Baldwin For 2015 Will Stun You – Prepare for a Major Let Down in America…

We have finally arrived at the year 2015 and things very well could be heating up in our near future. Christian Pastor Chuck Baldwin, who is a huge outspoken advocate against the 501c3 churches, has recently released some jaw-dropping forecasts for 2015. He does not predict the future nor does he claim any revelation came from God, however he uses things that are already happening in this world and forecasts what we could see using Isaac Newton’s theory, “Things in motion tend to stay in motion.” I believe he is pretty spot on….   For More Information See: Chuck...

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