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Want to Know the Real Truth About the “Blood Moons” and What’s Really Going On….?

  Are there really signs in the Heavens as the Bible foretells?  In the video below Mark Blitz and Sid Roth dive into this very topic and the link between the blood moons and the dates they have hit in histories past. These Blood Moons are not set to make another appearance for 400 years, in the meantime will they truly explain what our future holds? All this and more……   Perilous Times Will Come…....

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Red Alert: 100’s in 10 States are Contacting this “Mysterious Virus” Is Your State one of Them? Multiple Pandemics are Rising Across the Country (Video)

“For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.” Matthew 24:7 What we are witnessing today is a direct fulfilment of Matthew’s prophecy; an exponential increase in pestilences. Epidemics such as aids and cancer have been sweeping our world for years and now newly formed virus are on the forefront. From a “mysterious” respiratory virus infecting hundreds of children, to the outbreak of Ebola. It seems pandemics and pestilences are on the rise exactly as prophesied!   Friends, it’s time to take note of what’s going on. That being said the video below dives into our most recent threats on the pestilence front and how the CDC is sounding the alarm…. For More Information:

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Alert: ISIS Targeting Schools, Malls, and Power Grid on 9/11? Steve Quayle and Anita Fuentes- Hoax Alert? UPDATE

As the ISIS threat increases and our borders stand weakened, new information has surfaced on Steve Quayles website about these possible coming attacks. Here is the official alert from his site:   MAJOR HEADS UP–’Middle East’ looking man videotaping the school from inside a van. WENDELL   “ATTENTION TEACHERS/PARENTS: Spoke to a VERY close friend today, he went to a tactical rifle training course yesterday in Hattisburg, Mississippi. The class was told of a “recent” incident in LaMar County a noisy (alert) parent dropping her kids off at school saw a ‘Middle East’ looking man videotaping the school from inside a van. She went reported it to the school security officer, who called the police. Police came and stopped the video, and there were actually 4 men inside. Arrested the men, and once they played the video, there was actually (4) FOUR schools they had videotaped. The police called the FBI, and they came got the 4 men……..the guy telling the story was a retired deputy from the area……you didn’t hear that on the NEWS I bet. I wrote on here a while back that the Intel community has stated in the past that our schools are IN FACT targets much like now the US shopping malls. Stay Alert….SQ NOTE -SUGGEST PARENTS CONSIDER KEEPING THEIR KIDS HOME ON 9/11 TOO MUCH CHATTER THAT THEY ARE GOING TO HIT SCHOOLS-ALSO BE WARY AND...

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This Is the Biggest Lie Told by our Gov and You Might Already Have Been Fooled Into Believing It! (Eye-Opening Video)

Did you know that the most expensive purchase we have ever made as American citizens is our government? That’s right! Government costs the average person more than their home, more than their healthcare, and more than their child’s college education. Yet most people spend little time checking to see if the government, that sucks so much of their hard earned money, is doing their job or for that matter telling the truth? Unfortunately, many of us are aware that the we live under a government who constantly lies to us yet we tend to believe those lies? Why?  After all if the government lies how do we know anything they say is for certain? If you had a son who constantly lied to you would you believe anything he says? I wouldn’t. The truth is our government has an agenda and often times they try to trick us into agreeing with whatever their own purposes happen to be. Be it that they want to drive us into World War III or some other devious agenda; they have a goal. That being said we must pay attention to one of the biggest lies they are pushing today. What is the purpose for that lie and why are they doing it. In the video below I dive into the “biggest lie” told by our government and I believe you will find...

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Top Whistleblower Leaks Critical Information that Will Anger You to the Core… A Message You Don’t Want to Miss

On the latest Infowars Report a top whistleblower, William Binney, who is a former technical leader of intelligence for the NSA, shares his latest truth on fake cell phone towers being scattered throughout the country that are being used to track your every move. This covert operation is being done under the radar and right under the noses of the American people. Here is the breaking story…. Here is another video put out by Infowars about these “Fake Cell Towers”….   William Binney further goes on to claim that the government is using the NSA data collected to blackmail citizens here in the US. He also dives in to what he foresees in the near future…....

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