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Newly Discovered Luciferian Website and Proof it's Linked to the United Nations and Proof They're Promoting the Antichrist as Lord? You're Gonna Love This!

Wow! Shocking new Luciferian website that is linked to not only the United Nations but also promotes the coming of a “christ” (aka: Antichrist). As crazy as it sounds I can prove every word. This mysterious, mischievous newly discovered website has been dubbed the “Lucis Trust” which I believe grabs its name from “Lucifer;” though they refuse to mention on their website how they acquired that name, I do believe after reading its content that this is the meaning. Here is the breaking report….   But just who is the mysterious Alice A. Bailey and why is her name...

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Want to Find Out if Your Local Police Departments Are Preparing For Martial Law? Now You Can With This Database that Tells All! My Small Town Bought 3 MRAPS Just For This… Purchases Speak Louder Than Words…

It is a well known fact that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has been purchasing billions of rounds of ammunition, rifles, MRAPS, riot gear, and a host of other supplies. But what is not widely known is the fact that local police departments have been ramping up their militarization efforts over the last few years as well and that no one seems to know exactly how much “ramping-up” they have been doing behind our backs. Under the 1033 program–a law authorized by the National Defense Authorization Act—the Department of Defense can transfer excess equipment to local police departments...

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Ferguson is a Distraction For This Machiavellian Move Now Being Implemented by the Government: Obama Phones, Obama Care, and Now Obama… You Have To Read This!

As Ferguson protest light up Obama seizes the opportunity to push amnesty on Immigration “reform.” First it was Obama phones, then it was Obamacare, now its Obama Immigration reform law?  Good grief haven’t we had enough of this guy already! Obamas expected amnesty will cause hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of illegal’s to pour into the U.S. and as a result our country will be brought to its knees as illegal immigrants take our jobs and bust our economy. There is nothing wrong with the illegal’s themselves but history proves that once we let in anyone and everyone,...

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The Devils Graveyard with Dark Secrets of the 12 Global Vortices Exposed! Alien Portals, Strange Deaths, Bizarre Animal Attacks, Unique Weather, Disappearances, and More!! A Frightening Link to the Truth…

A few weeks ago History Channel 2 aired a program called “Bermuda Triangle Reveled: The Devils Graveyard.” This documentary not only caught my attention but sparked my curiosity. It portrayed the 12 vile vortices supposedly scattered throughout the globe in specific locations that are believed to cause strange phenomena such as bizarre animal attacks, strange weather, disappearances, and more. One of the most famous of these locations is the infamous Bermuda Triangle. Other locations include: the North and South Pole, the Devil’s Sea (aka: Dragon’s Triangle), Easter Island, Zimbabwe Megaliths, Hamakulia (near Hawaii), Mohenjo-daro, Algerian Megaliths, South Atlantic Anomaly,...

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Portal to Hell Opens When Ouija Board Victims Go Haywire with Demon Possession…

In October the motion picture movie Ouija, a horror film that depicts a group of teenagers who engage with an Ouija board, was released to the public and swept the box office competition. Despite its negative reviews people still flocked to see the movie mystified by the darkness that surrounded the Ouija board itself. Rumors and secrets have flourished over the years and teenagers have often ventured into the world of the occult using the Ouija as their guide.  Sadly many have been injured and hurt and innocent, unsuspecting victims have opened up portals to the dark dimensions of...

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