Author: Lisa Haven

UFO/Alien Disclosure About To Be Publicized…If Not, Then Why Was THIS Just Formed…

By Lisa Haven Is the government finally going to admit that UFO and aliens do exist, something that millions of people across the globe have suspected, or are they going to continue to push it under a rug and play the game of “hide and seek” with the public? Truth is, it doesn’t matter anymore because a group of former U.S. government top officials, via an organization callings itself “To The Stars Academy of the Arts and Science” are planning on “letting the cat out of the bag” and informing the America public of the “secret, shadow, mysterious dealings”...

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What On Earth Is Happening In Antarctica Right Now? Scientists Are Puzzled…

By Lisa Haven What on earth is happening in Antarctica? For years, rumors have circulated regarding UFO activity and underground bases deep beneath the solid ice of the Antarctic. Since 1946, when Admiral Bryd took a group of 4,000 men on a mission for the US government to Antarctica and encountered UFO spacecraft, rumors have been flying off the shelf. Now, a mysterious hole the size of the state of Main has opened up in the middle of the Ice sheet, and it’s leaving scientists speechless. All that and more in the report below… Get Protected With Virtual Shield...

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THEY ARE COMING FOR THIS NOW—America We Are At A DIRE Turning Point, Resistance Is Key

By Lisa Haven GOOGLE is the first to know you are going through a crisis, they know things before you know things. They follow you on your phone, your computer. And we allow it, not anymore! VPN’s or Virtual Private Networks are being BANNED all over the world. China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and if something ISN’T DONE NOW to stop it, we could be looking at the same style of censorship here in America. For example, China has decided to crack down on VPN users and ban them because they want ultimate control of their people....

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Round Two: “Black Death” Highly Contagious Plague Killing People In Africa… Here’s What’s Going Down

By Lisa Haven All out panic has ensued in Madagascar where a recent outbreak of the plague has claimed the lives of at least 24 people, some reports detail as many as 33 deaths, just within the past two months. As a result, the Prime Minister Olivier Mahafaly Solonandrasana has announced a ban on all public gatherings and demonstrations until the outbreak is contained. Currently, the worst form of the plague, specifically the pneumonic plague, is striking the area and can have catastrophic consequences. All that and more in the report below… Get Started Making Money W/ Bitcoin! Click Here...

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