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Obama Moves to Bunker and Prepares To Fight Trump—30,000 Man Activist Army Ready At His Command

By Lisa Haven Earlier this year I reported that we had not seen the last of Obama and that he would rear his tyrannic head once again. As it turns out, I was right! Throughout American history, most ex-presidents have moved away from Washington D.C. once their terms have ended, and the vast majority of them have tried very hard not to interfere with their successors, however Obama has done the exact opposite. His new home, a bunker, is a brisk two miles from the White House and is coincidently positioned as a “command center” for his 32,525 man...

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Brace Yourselves—Left Trains To Physical Bash Republicans, Deagel Shows Millions Dead In 8 Years, and America a Third World?

By Lisa Haven We all knew a “fight” was going to be rising from those on the far left, however we didn’t realize it would be a physical one; one in which they train to “Bash The Fash.” A college campus at the University of Central Florida is now allowing a “Leftist Fight Club” to thrive and train to combat against republicans and Trump supporters. Sadly, the university sees no problem in allowing this group to continue in there stupidity. Instead of stopping the violence, they promote it, which tell’s me we could be looking at some serious issues...

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Coincidence? One of The BIGGEST National Security Breaches IGNORED, While 9th Circuit Made Their Decision and Thousands Chant ‘Death To America!

By Lisa Haven Almost coincidentally as the 9th Circuit solidified their decision to uphold the block on Donald trump’s seven country travel ban, one of the biggest national security breaches happened and not a peep is heard form the mainstream media. Three Pakistani brothers, Abid, Imran, and Jamal Awan, who managed offices of information technology for members in the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and other Democratic lawmakers, were relieved of their duties after suspicion that they were accessing congressional computers without permission. Is it all one “big fat” coincidence that this news is being shoved under the...

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We’re Being “Nuked”—What They’re Not Telling You About Fukushima’s Latest Disaster!!!

By Lisa Haven Fukushima, that’s the name of the nuclear power plant that will go down in history as one of the worst events of it’s time and it will leave millions of cancer patients in its path. For years this nuclear plant has been wreaking havoc on our oceans and on our bodies, ever since it’s destruction on March 11, 2011 when an earthquake and tsunami stroke the area. Sadly, the mainstream media have kept this disaster “on the down-low” in order to not panic the public, just as they did when Chernobyl took out millions with cancer....

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MEGA IMF Secret Being Held From The Public…Until NOW! And How To Survive Their “Planned Event” EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW!

By Lisa Haven The New World Order’s International Monetary Fund (IMF) is a powerful and manipulative globalist organization known for monitoring the financial health of more than 188 countries, establishing global money laws, and providing “bail-out’s” to nations. They have a lot of power and are capable of accomplishing tasks of unprecedented proportions. In the video I interview the CEO of Nobel Gold Investments, Charles Thorngren, and delve through the IMF’s, and globalists, nasty plans for the American population and how to survive their “chess game of life”. Please don’t miss this VITAL report… Noble Gold Investments Click Here-...

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