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Man Investigates United Nations Vehicles In Hagerstown, Maryland, Here’s What He Found…

By Lisa Haven Those who have lived in a communist controlled country know the evils that surround it. They know that nothing belongs to them and that the government not only owns all property and business but also the people themselves. They were told where they could or could not live, how much food they could eat, and how to run their business. The government oversaw and controlled every aspect of their lives. Those in power controlled everyone below them and sadly this is exactly what will happen when the New World Order is implemented. The United Nations is...

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Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead: Weiner’s Laptop Opens A Whole New Can Of Worms On Hillary Clinton

By Lisa Haven This past Friday, the State Department posted a number of emails belonging to former top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin after the messages were found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop by the FBI. The release came at the request of Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch’s President and a number of the documents were found to contain information considered classified and confidential, and many were heavily redacted. All that and more in the report below… GET THE TEA: GET THE TEA BUY 2 GET 1 FREE: For More Information See:

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‘Stranger Things’ Coming: A Secret That Big Pharma Will Silence Has Emerged!

By Lisa Haven While the world is watching the mainstream media report lies, the global elite is secretly implementing their plans of mass human slaughter. According to the Georgia Guidestones, they want millions of people dead and will stop at nothing to get it done. So they aggressively pursue their plan of depopulation… Today many methods of depopulation are being implemented, however, the biggest attack is being initiated against our health using chemtrails, fluoride, GMO’s, pharmaceutical drugs, vaccinations and Obamacare death panels, to name only a few. The campaign to eliminate “useless eaters” on behalf of the planet’s “privileged...

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Is There A War Coming? Top Marine General and Defense Secretary Says There Is…

By Lisa Haven Not only the commandant of the Marine Corps but also the Defense Secretary are warning that War is coming and that we need to be prepared. As it sits, tensions with North Korea, Russia, and the Middle East are raising. Not to mention, the war against the globalists. It seems everyone has their hands in the “War Pot”. In the video below I reveal bombshell information about all the above and more! Please share it far and wide…   Get The Tea: For More Information See: Hill: Fox: Independent:...

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The Meltdown Has Begun—When You See This Report Your Jaw Will Drop!

By Lisa Haven Ever since Donald Trump became president, those on the left have been on a non-stop rampage to stop him at all costs. They have used, and are using, protests, riots, violence, lies, brainwashing techniques, and manipulation to push their agenda to the brink. It’s gotten so bad that the left has gotten to the point where they have gone complete INSANE and are not calling everyone and everything a “racist.” From brown paper bags to milk, to white people…no joke! All that and more in this MUST SEE report… Get The Tea: For More Information...

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13912723_967995199966121_377292543455143214_nLisa Haven is an independent Christian news analyst and one of the top contributors on She is also the author of www.LisaHaven.News and runs her own youtube channel with millions of views. She also has done speaking engagements, written bible studies, and has spoken on numerous radio broadcasts. Digging deep and finding truth is what she lives for. Her passion is to spread truth no matter where it lies. She covers everything from martial law, to FEMA camps, to end time bible prophecy, to government documents and much more!


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