Did you know that the most expensive purchase we have ever made as American citizens is our government? That’s right! Government costs the average person more than their home, more than their healthcare, and more than their child’s college education. Yet most people spend little time checking to see if the government, that sucks so much of their hard earned money, is doing their job or for that matter telling the truth?

Unfortunately, many of us are aware that the we live under a government who constantly lies to us yet we tend to believe those lies? Why?  After all if the government lies how do we know anything they say is for certain? If you had a son who constantly lied to you would you believe anything he says? I wouldn’t.

The truth is our government has an agenda and often times they try to trick us into agreeing with whatever their own purposes happen to be. Be it that they want to drive us into World War III or some other devious agenda; they have a goal.

That being said we must pay attention to one of the biggest lies they are pushing today and that is the lie of Global Warming/Global Cooling/Climate Change (that should scream fraud all on its own but sadly many still believe it). In the 2014 IPCC Climate Change Synthesis Report— released Sunday— I discovered some staggering information that could be life-changing in our near future. Especially considering the warning the United Nations posted today that “if something isn’t done soon about Global Warming, then it will be Irreversible.”


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UN Press Release: http://www.ipcc.ch/pdf/ar5/prpc_syr/11022014_syr_copenhagen.pdf


UN Report: