Lots of things seem to be happening all at once from a radiation radcon 5 alert to a snowmaggeddon blanketing parts of the country, to a mass coronal ejection from the sun? Could it be that the great nation of America is under a curse because of Pope Francis announcement to visit America… a man who reeks like a false prophet.

For starters we just got word from netc.com, the site that monitors radiation levels, that we have hit a RADCON 5 level of radiation and you guessed it the mainstream media is quite! The crazy thing is I went on the site minutes ago to verify the Radcon 5 and it was there, however within minutes they took the level down to a RADCON 4….. what are they trying to hide? Here is the breaking report from Watchmans Report 2127 in which he managed to capture the RADCON 5 as it was up…

Click Image to See Stunning Video: 

Temple Mount - ?? ????