Last week an unusual hack attack happened when viewers visited the Craigslist internet website. Instead of the normal classified ads that they had hoped for they were greeted with a powerful message from a music video on YouTube.

If you were one of the “lucky” ones who just so happened to visit Craigslist Sunday night, then you are well aware of what was shown. If not, you’re in for a real surprise! Viewers were redirected to and from there directed to YouTube where viewers witnessed a very strange animated rap video that filled their ears with lyrics about privacy, freedom, FEMA camps, and net neutrality. Something I believe many here in America need to wake up to.

The video not only exposes what our future could look like here in America—if we so maintain the path that we are on— but also exposes the New World Order, a police state, and the microchip agenda. But don’t take my word for it, watch it for yourself:

Here’s the thing, I believe this video was broadcast to open the eyes of the sleeping public. Considering the consistent mention of “online privacy and neutrality” it also tells me we could see a major slash in our internet freedoms and soon. The reason I say this is because this week the mainstream media broadcast about how our soldiers personal internet information was being hacked by terrorist and that they were using it to target them at their homes. While the threat is real they are hyping it for one reason and that is to incite fear in the American public so we will welcome internet control with open arms….which is exactly what the video above is warning us about and which is a real threat to our future.

While no one is 100% certain who hacked the site, all fingers are pointing to YTCracker, the hacker-turned-rapper. He is the obvious choice because he is the man behind Furthermore 15 years ago he broke into NASA’s Goddard Flight Center leaving this bold message for its viewers:

“To the US government and military—I have warned you about these security flaws. Please secure our military systems to protect us from cyber attack.”

Pretty bold I might add and he was only 17 years old when he did it. That aside, YTCracker denies the involvement in the latest hack on Craigslist saying it could have been an employee. The truth is we may never know who hacked the Craigslist sight, but nonetheless it’s a bold move to wake up the sleeping masses….

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