A mysterious organization known as United Religions Initiative (URI) has taken it upon themselves to unite the world religions into one. Yes, you’ve heard me right! They are recruiting churches, pastors, and leaders from every continent to unify themselves into a “One World Religion” similar to that of the United Nations for the world.

Why is it that everything seems to be going global? Our government, our banks, and now our religion? The truth is this entire event was prophesied years ago in the bible when It told us that every tribe, tongue, and nation would serve the Antichrist— a dictator who would rise in the latter days, despise God, and rule the world. Could it be that we are on the brink of such an empire? I do believe it’s possible, especially now with the unification of religion.

It has also been spoken of in bible prophecy that a false prophet would arise and precede the Antichrist. This man would cause all to worship the “image of the beast,” which is a perfect representation of the One World Religion now underway.

With this in mind I couldn’t help but link URI with end time bible prophecy. The two are almost inseparable. Here is the stunning report… 



“If the nations of the world are working together for peace through the UN, then how can the religions of the world be brought together for a similar purpose?”


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