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By Lisa Haven 


In the video below TruthMediaRevolution takes you through the mysterious New World Order website, Obscura Digital. If you are not familiar with Obscura they are a highly advanced technological company. Some of their feats include holograms, 3D visualization, augmented reality, interactive projection, and more. According to their website, “they provide life-size creative technology platforms for built environments, live events, and new ventures.” The website not only promotes the New World Order agenda, but also transhumanism and is the official starting point for Project Bluebeam.


Some of their clientele include: Facebook, Adobe, AOL, AT&T, BMW, Cisco, Coca-Cola, Dyson, eBay, GM, Hardrock Cafe, Heineken, Google, Honda, IBM, NASA, Saturn, McAfee, Lexus, Kodak, Yahoo, YouTube, United Nations, Trump, and many others.


Here is the breaking report…