By Lisa Haven

This past Wednesday on Mount Zion the Jewish Sanhedrin passed Judgment on both President Obama and Pope Francis for the charges brought against them. The crimes included moral endangerment of Israel, the Nuclear Treaty with Iran, and the backing of Palestine. Here is the breaking report…

In case you haven’t already heard that the Sanhedrin is taking the Pope and Obama to Court, here is that report….

You may be surprised to learn that in 2004 the Sanhedrin—who constituted the supreme court and legislative body in Judea during the Roman period—re-established itself marking a huge prophetic piece of the puzzle to any Biblical Christian living today. If you follow bible prophecy then you are aware that the Sanhedrin needs to be re-established in order to prepare for the building of the Third Jewish Temple.

The group is comprised of 71 Jewish sages who are well versed in Jewish Law and of their main goals is the rebuilding of the Third Jewish Temple.

Today the Sanhedrin is disturbed about what the world is doing to the Nation of Israel and as a result they are taking Obama, the Pope, the United Nations, the European Union and others to court to make their voices heard about these wrongdoings. Some of the injustices include: the backing of Palestine, the backing of homosexuality and the Nuclear Treaty with Iran. They have a total of seven courts, the first of which is taking place, September 9th— a very critical month.

In addition to these court proceedings the Sanhedrin has added an Addendum that will literally floor every Christian out there!! Please don’t miss this CRUCIAL report…

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