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By Lisa Haven 

“The evolving nature of warfare indicates that adversarial military forces may employ individuals to operate within the local populations, refugees, and detainees to disrupt friendly operations.” (page 6)

“No longer are national priorities dominated by superpowers and nation states, but increasingly by loose networks of terrorists, transnational criminals, and other non-state actors within the “human domain.” As we have shifted into the new generation of warfare, the operational environment has evolved into a global operational environment favoring anonymous individuals who easily transform from citizen to enemy and back with limited logistical support or control.” (page 2)

Those are just a few of the MANY disturbing quotes discovered in this recently released 13 page report titled Identity Operations For Strategic Landpower: Mastering The Human Domain. The report was compiled by a group of government employed personnel who believe the real enemy lies from within rather than from other countries. Implying that their agenda is to target any political dissidents, patriots, Christians, constitutionalists, veterans, and any they deem as terrorists. What makes this document stand out above the others is the fact that it was published in March 2014—though not released until August of this year—which means it pre-dates the Jade Helm “Mastering the Human Domain” drill by a little over a year. Therefore it is likely to assume the “mastering the human domain” idea originated from the document you are about to see in the video below!

I HIGHLY URGE you to watch it in its entirety. The quotes above and below are only a FRAGMENT of what the document harbors, and quite frankly it contains some pretty frightening information. But I must warn you, what you are about to discover will literally change your view of whats happening around us, and it will make your blood boil with anger. Please, please don’t miss this one…

So how exactly do they plan on “Mastering the Human Domain? 

According to the report this is how they will do just that:

– Identify an unknown individual during tactical operations

– Track a person of interest

– Control physical access

– Share identity information


Providing land force commanders and other decision-makers with robust and enduring Identity capabilities are necessary to combat future threats in these complex environments. Leadership considerations for Identity within the human domain include:

– Use of the enhanced capabilities to identify and classify the human domain; to determine whether they are adversarial, friendly, neutral, or unknown.

– Use of all-source intelligence analysts to provide back-end analysis and reporting to fuse the many sources of information (much received through operational reporting) regarding the human domain in order to identify individual(s) and their intent. Based upon risk, use of Identity data (and its fusion with other information and intelligence), will enhance force protection for bases, installations, detainee and checkpoint operations, as well as many other mission sets.

– Use of the enhanced capabilities to identify and manage local populations during major combat, stability, and humanitarian assistance and/or disaster relief operations.

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