By Lisa Haven

So many things are heating up around the world and time is running out for people to prepare and ready themselves for what’s ahead. Financial analysis’s are asking if 2016 will be the year the economy finally crashes or if it will hold out for another few years. China, for the second time this week, has experienced a 7% crash causing mass devastation across the globe. In the U.S. our stock market is already sitting at a 328 point drop in the DOW and this entire week has been nothing but bad news for Wall Street.

All this to say we are on the brink, if not already in the cusp, of some pretty major events and we need to ready ourselves spiritually, mentally and physically. In 2013 the US government revealed their plans of mass surveillance, in 2014 the US government revealed their plans of a police state, in 2015 they revealed their plans to federalize states and 2016 just might be the unveiling of the economy. 

I highly encourage you to watch the video below in its entirety as it contains vital information about what could be ahead….

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