By Lisa Haven

The United Nations governments of the world have just issued all out war against families. In a report I put out in February I explained how the US Department of Education and the US Health and Human Services Department are entertaining the idea, via a draft document,  in which they plan on forcing parents interaction with their children by conducting interviews with their children, enforcing home visits, parenting classes, and analyzing families by assigning them with a “family engagement specialist” who can turn you into CPS at any moment. This is an outright invasion of not only our privacy, but our rights as parents.

Think it wont happen? It already is. Currently the United Kingdom is initiating this EXACT same concept of “community raring up of children.” They are in the process of quizzing children to find out what problems exist in their families and assigning “specialists” to their homes. Furthermore these “specialists” are to inspect any non-school activity as well including children activities is extra curricular activities, including church.

Please, Please don’t miss this report, it’s critical to all parents, grandparents, or those who plan on having children. Here’s the breaking report….

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