By Lisa Haven

America is not alone when it comes to drought.

A global weather phenomenon threatens the future of our food and water supplies, as well as our global economy. Countries in the Middle East, countries in Africa and parts of South America are among a few facing severe drought conditions.

While droughts have plagued the earth for centuries, they are increasing at records rates and history repeatedly shows that civilizations collapse as a result of drought. According to Weather Underground, ten nations have collapse due to severe drought:

  1. The Akkadian Empire
  2. The Old Kingdom
  3. The Late Bronze Age Civilization
  4. The Maya Civilization
  5. The Tang Dynasty
  6. The Tiwanaku Empire
  7. The Ancestral Puebloan
  8. The Khmer Empire
  9. The Ming Dynasty
  10. Modern Syria

Considering multiple civilizations have collapse due to droughts, one can only image what affects it will have on civilizations today. Everything from water wars, to food wars, to world wars are at our doorstep.

In the video below I delve into the truth behind why the world is witnessing such a dramatic increase in droughts worldwide and just who is behind this scandal. I also prove, via news reports, how sever the drought really is and why you should prepare yourself for food shortages.

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