By Lisa Haven

Who is the real Hillary Rodham Clinton? Is she the loving, caring, women supporting democrat the mainstream media paints her out to be? Or is she something far more sinister?

If we consider that the average everyday American citizen believes that 90% of what the mainstream media broadcasts is a lie, then one can only assume that the portrayal of Mrs. Clinton in nothing more than a big fat sham.

In the video below I prove, using documented facts, leaked emails and more that if Mrs. Hillary Clinton is elected she will flip our world upside down and likely worse than President Obama.

While the woman claims to be part of the democratic party, her true root is more of a socialists/marxist style. Her ties to Saul Alinsky, the support of Communist Party USA, and the letters from George Soros, all speak volumes about the real nature of such a woman.

I do believe this years election is true turning point for America! Please don’t miss this crucial report…

Let me say this loud and clear…..

#I’m NOTWithHer

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