By Lisa Haven

“Want a Free Market? Abolish Cash … If you believe that government meddling in financial markets was responsible for the last recession and the lackluster recovery, you might be right. But probably not in the way you think … What’s the fix for this problem….The right answer is to abolish currency and move completely to electronic cash… Because electronic cash can have any yield, interest rates would be able go as far into negative territory as the market required.”  Bloomberg

Wait, What? Abolish currency, move to electronic cash and go into negative interest rate territory? This is the exact same rhetoric we head from the the Bilderberg meetings the last two years when they had their annual meeting. So why is it that now, Bloomberg is discussing the very same thing? Could it be because both John Micklethwait the Editor-In-Chief of Bloomberg and Megan McArdle the Columnist for Bloomberg View attended the Bilderberg meetings? Or is it all just one big-fat coincidence? I HIGLY doubt and quite frankly we know better.

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