By Lisa Haven

If you have never heard the term “we are living in the latter days”–a term that prophecies about a time period that will occur at the very end of our age—then it’s about time you’ve become well acquainted with the words. Because we are living in the latter days and we are the generation that will witness prophetic fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.

In the video below I managed to obtained an EXCLUSIVE interview with L.A. Marzulli, Paul Begley, and Mike Kerr, avid researchers of all things relating to biblical end times, who are right now at the Hear The Watchmen Conference in Knoxville, Tennessee. I grabbed a “sneak-peek” look at some of the things transpiring right now in our culture, as well as inside information and an unexpected reveal….

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Guest Speakers include: L.A. Marzuli, Anthony Patch, John B. Wells, Josh Tolley, Paul Begley, Russ Dizdar, Michael Lake, Ken Stolar, Michael Boldea, Coach Dave, John Ragan, Pastor Caspar, and many others.