By Lisa Haven

Between the FBI and Wikileaks information is beginning to POUR when it comes to Hillary Clintons corruption. Considering we are but weeks away from the November 8th election, and early voting has already begun, now is the most crucial time for information to surface.

In the video below I delve through the bombshell FBI investigation files, which divulge information on the workings of a shadow government and Hillary’s admitted incompetence. Furthermore, I unveil the working of Project Veritas, the organization who leaked that the DNC was both rigging the election and instigating tensions at Donald Trump rallies. Finally, I uncover the latest on the Wikileaks front and a letter written to Secretary Kerry from Chaffetz and Nunes that exposes more critical information. I back everything with documented evidence.

Please don’t miss this crucial report which you need to see before tonights debate!

Deception In The Desert Nov. 4-6th Las Vegas:


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