By Lisa Haven

After one of Hillary Clintons most trusted advisors, Huma Abedin, agreed to work with the FBI in regards to Clintons new emails found on her husbands, Anthony Weiners server, the relationship between the ‘rumored lesbian love couple’ has begun to diminish and Clinton has been left in the dark.

Abedin was a no-show on Mondays campaign trail and didn’t travel with Clinton over the weekend to Florida. However, despite Abedin’s stepping off the campaign trail, her emails remained front and center in the ongoing Clinton investigation.

Now, in a bizarre twist of fates, not only has Huma Abedin turned on Clinton but also the FBI is now re-probing emails that could indict Clinton for good. Coincidently, with Abedin’s bombshell, the FBI also did something few expected would happen before the election, and that is release Clintons full testimony on line for all eyes to see.

Is the fact that Abedin and FBI are releasing bombshell just a “coincidence” or is their something deeper being unveiled? You might be surprised!! All that and more in the report below…

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