By Lisa Haven

I’ve about had it with outlets that continually lie, manipulate, and abuse the masses for their own gain. Specifically Facebook, Snoops, and countless others working towards the elite agenda with little recourse about the impact they are having on humanity so long as their pockets are filled with money.

It’s time for us Americans to take a stand against such groups and make our voices heard. If we continue to allow these manipulative giants to rule over us then we can kiss our freedoms goodbye. I for one, won’t stand by and let it happen. I will share what they are doing with everyone and anyone willing to listen. I will no longer allow them to rule over me in such a manner that they know every dot and tidal about my life and I believe you feel the same way.

For starters, back in January of 2015 Facebook asked some users to sign their terms and conditions granting them the rights to your privacy and allowing their organization to monitor not only our Facebook accounts but also your computers and anything used to download Facebook.  Here are just a few of the highlights from this privacy stealing giant.

Also this was taken directly from their polices:

“We receive data from or about the computer, mobile phone, or other devices you use to install Facebook apps or to access Facebook, including when multiple users log in from the same device. This may include network and communication information, such as your IP address or mobile phone number, and other information about things like your internet service, operating system, location, the type (including identifiers) of the device or browser you use, or the pages you visit. For example, we may get your GPS or other location information so we can tell you if any of your friends are nearby, or we could request device information to improve how our apps work on your device.” Facebook

Sadly this is just the tip of the Iceberg and Facebook has been dropping privacy hacking bombshells for years. It seems there is no end in sight with this company who sells out its audience to anyone and everyone willing to give them a buck or two.

In the video below I reveal Facebook’s latest Orwellian move to label political opposition as fake and use left-liberal sources to do so, like Snopes and Washing Post Fact Check. And how they plan on giving users a warning before reading such articles. All that and more in this breaking report….

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