By Lisa Haven

America was founded to be a country where the brave could roam free, where people have a right to speak as they like and own a gun if they want without all the regulations from a tyrannical government. While we started off good, and I’m hopeful that Donald Trump will turn things around, however, we can’t ignore the fact that the Communist Chinese are buying up U.S. media and entertainment in order to shut down free speech here in America. Nor can we ignore how the Chinese government is educating Facebook’s, Mark Zuckerberg, to initiate Chinese style censorship. Nor can we ignore the fact that the Left is working with the communists Chinese to ignite cyber attacks on their patriotic opposition all while claiming these patriots are part of a Russian propaganda ploy… Ever feel like you’re living under Stalin’s regime? Similar rhetoric was used there. All that and more in this MUST SEE Report….

Problems With China:

  • China is a one-party communist country, but it does allow some capitalism. Chinese corporations belong to the state and money for corporations become money for the state. Every business and job are in control of the government. [2]
  • More than 82 million people in China are very poor. [3]
  • For 40 years Chinese citizens were only allowed to have one baby per family, if they had more they would have to have an abortion. In 2016 they fixed the law now they can request to have 2 babies but no more. [4]
  • China used to have “labor camps”, but today they call them prisons. Many are kept secret. These prisons are not for regular criminals, instead they make person do hard work with no pay. People in these prisons are religious believers, reporters, journalists, and anyone who disagrees with the government. [5]
  • There is a lot of persecution and laws on religious groups. Christianity, Tibetan Buddhists, and those of the Falun Gong religion are targeted. [5]
  • China banned the Falun Gong religion and these people can be sent to labor camps and killed just for practicing their faith. [5]
  • Christians are only allowed to practice their faith in stated approved churches. The Government has bulldozed churches and removed crosses.[5]
  • In 1984, China passed a law allowing organs to be taken from dead prisoners. Many of these organs come from those taken prisoner for practicing their faith..specifically the Falun Gong religion. China does over 60,000 – 100,000 transplants each year. [6]
  • The Chinese government censors the internet. They have an internet police group of about 2 million people who tattle-tale on internet users. [7]
  • China has the largest number of journalists in jail because of their control on speaking out against the government. They do not have Press Freedom. [8]
  • Freedom of Speech in China is a privilege not a right. People can be jailed for their speech if it’s agains the government’s policies. [8]
  • Chinese citizens are not allowed to own guns. If they are found with one they can be sent to life in prison. [9]

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