By Lisa Haven

NASA has just discovered an unusual phenomenon that increases risks to air travelers, ‘radiation clouds.’ Nasa is calling these ‘danger zones,’ areas in the sky where radiation levels surge to hazardous levels. The report, issued by sbir.Nasa.Gov and titled Space Environment Technologies, LLC., has thus far been ignored by mainstream media who have yet to warn the public.

According to the report titled, Space Environment Technologies LLC, cancer is a health concern for those who fly:

“On any given day, nearly 2 million Americans board an airplane to get to their desired destinations. Although plenty of stressors come with flying, space radiation and space weather probably aren’t two of those worries. Though it has always existed, to most people, space weather is a relatively new concern. It can influence the atmosphere, including the constant bombardment from cosmic rays and charged particles from solar storms that affect radiation levels on Earth and in space…. Particles that make up space radiation may increase the risk of cancer development or other harmful health effects. Commercial airline employees, such as pilots and flight attendants, are the only occupationally-exposed group that is not monitored in any systematic way.”  Space Environment Technologies, LLC

The report also details how much radiation travels are being impacted by:

“One of the findings revealed is that for every ten hours spent flying; radiation exposure was equivalent to one chest x-ray. For pilots and flight attendants who regularly make these long-haul routes, this is a personal health issue that needs to be monitored. If that same flight is made while a particularly severe solar event is happening, suddenly that one flight could equal up to five chest x-rays. But how do pilots know if a solar event is happening? That is what Space Environment Technologies sought to answer.”

If you are a pilot, flight attendant, or just a person who travels by flight, then you need to hear this report, you’re health is at risk…

For More Information See:

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