By Lisa Haven

Forget about flying cars, the cure to cancer, and robotic maids, instead the future the pentagon globalists see’s for us is a rather dim one.

In a secret video leaked by The Intercept, the Pentagon paints a picture of America being a global supercity city full of rioters, gangs of youth-gone wild, criminal syndicates, hackers, and underclass poor citizens that need to be mobilized and brought under submission by the US military. (SEE VIDEO, Click Here) In other words a full fledge military takeover, which may have been one of the reasons for the domestic drill known as, Jade Helm that happened a few years ago. 

The only problem is, the New World Order globalists that have infiltrated the Pentagon and the US Government, have one thing standing in their way, and that is, President Donald Trump— a lone ranger in a sea of wolves who threatens their rule.

We are living in one of the most critical times in US history and the fate of America is at stake. A coup in the US government has been waged and things are about to get wild. All that and more in this CRITICAL report…

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