By Lisa Haven

Earlier this year it was revealed by Julian Assange Wikileaks, via their Vault 7 release, that the CIA created a secondary NSA surveillance system—one with less oversight than that of the NSA. It was also discovered that the CIA could implant virtual forensic fingerprints on computers and frame someone for a crime they didn’t commit, through a project known as UMBRAGE. Furthermore, Wikileaks revealed how the CIA could remotely take over the controls on vehicles and cause undetectable assassinations.

A few weeks later Wikileaks nailed another nail in the CIA coffin with their release of Dark Matter, a program that proves they are implanting technology in iPhones during their creation. Meaning all the CIA has to do is access the “chip” to hear any and everything you are saying.

Now, as of March 31st, Wikileaks dropped yet another section of the Vault 7 files with their latest release of Marble Framework. Here’s more on this report…

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