By Lisa Haven

President Donald Trump holds two “unusual and emergency” meetings. One with fifteen United Nations Security Council Ambassadors and another with 100 senators.

Considering the urgency of these meetings, one has to ask “what on earth is going on and why is Trump calling for these meetings within days of each other? All that and more in this report…

“The status quo in North Korea is also unacceptable, and the Council must be prepared to impose additional and stronger sanctions on North Korean nuclear and ballistic missile programs. This is a real threat to the world, whether we want to talk about it or not. North Korea is a big world problem, and it’s a problem we have to finally solve. People have put blindfolds on for decades, and now it’s time to solve the problem.”

“The United States, just one of 193 countries in the U.N., pays for 22 percent of the budget and almost 30 percent of the United Nations peacekeeping, which is unfair. We need the member states to come together to eliminate inefficiency and bloat, and to ensure that no one nation shoulders a disproportionate share of the burden militarily or financially. This is only fair to our taxpayers.”  President Trump’s meeting at the White House with the United Nations Security Council Ambassadors   

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