By Lisa Haven

Seth Rich, a Democratic National Committee staffer, was murdered in his neighborhood in Bloomingdale on July 10, 2016. He was shot multiple times as he walked home and DC police claim it was due to a robbery, despite the fact that no “expensive items” were stolen from his person.

Today, however, more of the real story has surfaced.

Earlier last year, I reported that I thought Seth Rich was murdered for leaking information to Wikileaks and that someone in the DNC didn’t want Seth to expose their corruption and he paid for it with his life.

Now, as it turns out, the DC police were told to back down from the investigation and Rob Wheeler, a former detective, has dropped a bombshell that proves exactly what I reported on last year. Not only that but now some of the Podesta emails have surfaced and they directly link Seth to John Podesta himself.

All that and more in this critical report…

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