By Lisa Haven

On Wednesday, just hours before the Department of Justice appointed a “Special Prosecutor” to handle Trump’s Russia probe, screenshots were leaked from the Dark Web—a term used for a part of the internet that’s unlisted and requires special encrypted software access. 

An unidentified user, who calls himself, “FreshCamel”, posted to a message board screen shots he took on communications he intercepted on a platform called Gliph—a messaging service that allows users not to be tracked and is on the Dark Web. The information was then leaked to Third Estate News Group

What’s very important to note is the time of the screenshots, which were taken Wed, May 17th between the hours of 2:31 pm and 3:15 pm, not only that but the fact that events that played out in the following hours give credence to the screenshots because every bit of it happened.

So what exactly did they contain? And who do they reference? All that and more below…

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