By Lisa Haven

In light of Trump pulling from the Paris accords a huge frenzy has risen over Climate Change. Everyone from the mainstream media to political personal, to corporate America are fighting and fussing over the idea of President Trump’s decision on the matter.

I for one, back the President in his decision due to the fact that Climate Change, is one BIG FAT Fraud! 

In the video below I expose climate change for what it is and reveal you documented proof that NASA themselves have admitted it. All that and more in this report…


  • Al Predicted Sea Levels Could Rise Up 6 meters (20 feet). TRUTH, the South Pole’s gaining more ice than it’s losing and in Greenland, there is little change. INCONVENIENT LIE
  • Hurricane Katrina Was Man-Made. TRUTH, Al Gore blamed HUMAN CO2 for Katrina, when in reality it was the levees that failed.
  • Polar Bears are Dying off. TRUTH, more polar bears live there now then when Al Gore was born.
  • The Arctic is Melting. TRUTH, it’s gaining ice and losing ice in its normal cycles. 2015 saw one of the MOST gains over a decade.
  • The Sahel Is Drying Up. TRUTH, the Sahel is one of the regions that gained the most flora density since satellites existed. 
  • CO2 is Pollution. Pure BULL!

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