By Lisa Haven

They’ve swallowed up condos in Florida, trucks in Arizona, homes in Texas, and buildings in China. But just what are these mysterious happenings across the country? Is it a sign of the Apocalypse, a scientific anomaly, or both.

According to the US Geological Survey, the phenomenon known as sinkholes form pits in the ground when water gathers without external drainage. As water drains below ground, it dissolves subterranean caverns, particularly in areas where the bedrock is made of water-soluble evaporate rocks such as salt or gypsum or of carbonate rocks such as limestone or dolomite.

Sometimes the sinkholes form gradually, other times they collapse suddenly. While this phenomenon has a scientific explanation many also believe it is a “sign of the times we live in.”

In the video below I delve through the latest sinkhole craters that are forming in Siberia, Russia, however, these particular craters are worrying scientists who claim that this phenomenon just might “endanger the entire planet.”

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