By Lisa Haven

Scientific technocrat Edward O. Wilson’s book “Half Earth” entertains the idea of of giving half the earth to humans and half the earth back to natural habitat. Considering only the ‘human’ half can be used for our resources this would require a major reduction in the human species. Here’s a quote about his book:

“…leave about half the Earth’s surface mostly free of humans, so wild plants and animals can live there unimpeded as they did for so long before humans arrived. Same with the oceans, by the way; about a third of our food comes from the sea, so the seas have to be healthy too.”

Keep in mind the globalists agenda, according to the Georgia Guide Stones, is to decrease humanity to under 500 million persons, Edwards plan would line up quite nicely with this plan.

We must also remember their desire to push all Americans into eleven mega-regions, documented via, which would also result in a huge chunk of our country being un-used and rural Americans being forced into the cities.

All that and more in the report below…



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