By Lisa Haven

“For centuries the question of how good and evil originate and manifest in us was a matter of philosophical or religious debate. But in recent decades researchers have made significant advances toward understanding the science of what drives good and evil. Both seem to be linked to a key emotional trait: empathy, which is an intrinsic ability of the brain to experience how another person is feeling. Researchers have found that empathy is the kindling that fires compassion in our hearts, impelling us to help others in distress. Studies also have traced violent, psychopathic, and antisocial behaviors to a lack of empathy, which appears to stem from impaired neural circuits. These new insights are laying the foundation for training regimens and treatment programs that aim to enhance the brain’s empathic response.National Geographic January 2018, The Science of Good and Evil” Pg. 127

Those are the staggering words of the National Geographic in which they promote the idea of using science and brainwashing techniques to rewire the human brain. To literally remove violent and psychopathic responses by increasing the amount of empathy you have.

In other words, the globalists won’t need to take your guns, no, using this technique, you will give them up of your own “free-will.”

All that and more in this bombshell report…



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