By Lisa Haven

I’m so tired! I’m sick and tired of all the censorship that we are enduring on a daily basis, and no one has been doing anything about it. Days have passed as censorship worsens and Youtuber’s who are speaking truth are left in the dark. The conservative, patriotic, libertarian voices are shadow-banned and told that if they keep speaking their channels will be removed from every social media outlet available to mankind.

Until now!! In the video below I am happy to say that some in the upper ranks of government are FINALLY making headway against censorship. In this case, Nigel Farage, the man who orchestrated Brexit, spoke against Mark Zuckerberg at the European Union Parliament demanding that he answer for all the crimes against conservative voices. Specifically, censorship of conservative, patriot, voices. Not only that, but President Trump has finally made his voice heard about the censorship of those who got him elected in the first place.

All that and more below…


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