By Lisa Haven

Have you ever had a bad feeling about something or thought you were being lied to by your politicians, government, and teachers? Have you ever gotten a weird feeling that you were being manipulated by the television or caught the media in a lie? If so, chances are you’re right!

 If truth be told there is a much bigger and more sinister agenda taking place, and one that distorts the very framework of the American Founders, but more so, it has been put in place by key players in the Global Elitist Cartel — which has been taking place for decades. Through their power and influence, they dictate who will live and who will get sick and who will die.

The control and power the global elite possess is far beyond what we can image their manipulation and deceit reaches to the highest of levels, but luckily some of us are on to their schemes and today we’ve busted one of their dirty little secrets wide open…censorship leading to a New World Order…

All that and more below…


…The EU’s Legal Affairs Committee (JURI) voted in favor of the legislation, called the Copyright Directive. Although most of the directive simply updates technical language for copyright law in the age of the internet, it includes two highly controversial provisions. These are Article 11, a “link tax,” which would force online platforms like Facebook and Google to buy licenses from media companies before linking to their stories; and Article 13, an “upload filter,” which would require that everything uploaded online in the EU is checked for copyright infringement. (Think of it like YouTube’s Content ID system but for the whole internet.) TheVerge

Censorship isn’t coming it is already here!


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