By Lisa Haven


Wait until you hear what words were used to describe the Oval Office in this  new GPS tracking service called, What3Words. This mobile application tracks people by pinpointing their location within a 10 ft radius square. A bit Orwellian? That’s not even the worse part. What3Words has also mapped the entire globe and assigned each 10’ square three dictionary words to describe. For example, if you are standing next to the Eiffel Tower the location square you are standing on may read: Brown, Bear, Cow. If you were to send those three words to your friends, that also have the same program installed, they would simply type in Brown, Bear, Cow and locate you immediately; even in a crowd.

Kinda eerie if you ask me! But truth is, when you find out who the organization is affiliated to, well, it’ll send chills down your spine. All that and more below…

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