On Sunday night, President Trump fulfilled yet another campaign promise, he got his wish for a significantly revised North American trade deal (NAFTA). After more than a year of negotiations, the United States, Canada and Mexico reached an agreement to update the deal they are now calling USMCA. Immediately after the deal was struck the Dow went up over 200 points.

This happens as the Packers team promote a new ‘un-American’ flag. All that and more below…

UPDATE: Packers Spokesperson, Aaron Popkey, says this is not the first time they’ve used this type of display. He states, “The banner used during Sunday’s pregame ceremony supplemented the three U.S. flags on the roof of the stadium and the flag carried by the color guard on the field. We’ve used such displays from time to time in the past when other pregame elements take up a significant portion of the field.”

BOTTOM Line- They are being so anti-American lately, I think this is a cover for the real story….they just don’t support our real American flag.



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