By Lisa Haven


One of the worlds most powerful globalists organizations, The World Economic Forum, is now discussing the use of mind control technology and they admit it can turn humanity into mind-control zombies!  into Mind-Control Slaves!

In the video below I delve not only into the latest from the World Economic forum but also how the US government has been experimenting with mind control for decades. I prove it using official government documents.

All that and more below…

Here is a list of a few of the projects the US government has dabbled in…



MK Ultra, (Project Monarch) – 100 documents on this alone

Testing For Extrasensory Perception With Machine Document:

A 1953 report involving a panel of people: mathematician, electronic engineer, psychologist, physicist to conduct rigorous experiments with Extrasensory perception (ESP)—the ability to know things (such as what another person is thinking or what will happen in the future) that cannot be known by normal use of the senses. In this study they build and use a machine called, VEPITAC, to conduct ESP studies. Subjects are tested on clairvoyance, precognition, and general extrasensory perception.

Biological Radio Communication:

A reported conducted in 1963 outlining the possibility of living organisms transporting signals at a distance. 

It describes a real account of a man who experienced such an electromagnetic sense with a dog. In the experiment a man and dog are used. The two are placed in separate rooms and somehow wired by a “metal connection.” The man is asked to look at a piece of paper that had the number 14 on it. He notes the number then takes out a slip of paper and breaks the 14 into two sevens. After this is complete the man and dog are released. Once they are disconnected the dog goes to the man, barks seven times, then pauses and barks seven times again. Proving the two had a electromagnetic connection.

Scientist Advances Hypothesis: Quantum Telepathy? Tells the Doctor of Psychological Sciences Document:

This information discusses Einstein’s Podolsky Rosen Paradox (EPR)—an influential thought experiment in quantum mechanics with which Albert Einstein and his colleagues Boris Podolski and Nathan Rosen claimed to demonstrate that the wave function does not provide a complete description of physical reality. The essence of the paradox is that particles can interact in such a way that it is possible to measure both their position and their momentum more accurately than Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle allows, unless measuring one particle instantaneously affects the other to prevent it, which would involve information being transmitted faster than light as forbidden by the theory of relativity.

Parapsychology- Fiction or Reality Document (Department of the Army):

An analysis conducted in the 1970s addressing the question if parapsychology is a fact or fiction. It reveals that out of 1,500 scientists 25% believed the paranormal manifestation were accurately documented.

The analysis includes telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, use of a divining rod, paradiagnosis, psychokinesis, hypnosis, psi-photography (form of psychokinesis in which a person looks through a camera and fixes on an object about which they are thinking), and paramedicine.   

The report details that such experiments have been happening since 1882 and that funds come in from the US government, including .5-1 million dollars in research money yearly.  (pg.5). It further accounts that there are over 240 laboratories in over 30 countries; considering this was in 19740’s image what they have today (pg.6). The report also tells of multiple experiments conducted all over the world from Germany, to Bulgaria, to the US, to the Old Soviet Union.

Interestingly, on page 10 of the report, it speaks about a telepathic experiment that was conducted between earth and Apollo 14 by Edgar Mitchell.

Lastly, page 12 details some of the methods used to study parapsychological effects. In the “olden days” this would include guessing while playing cards, and suggestion of dream and thought. However, in the 1970’s it evolved to include a computer, laser technology, electromagnetic radiation, high-frequency currents and combined it with “olden day” tactics.

Soviet and Czechoslovakian Parapsychology Research Document:

This is a 68-page detailed report from 1975 about a device, the Psychotronic Generator (aka Pavlita Generators), that was capable of drawing biological energy from humans and storing it for future use. Once the unit was charged with human energy, the generator had the ability to do some of the things a psychic subject could do (pg.33).

It details an out of body experience and remote viewing.

One Human Problem, Its Solution and Its Relation to the UFO Phenomena Document:

A 1977 report where the author, Thomas E. Bearden, divides the development of life in a biosphere into seven stages: (1) development of planet, primordial atmosphere and ocean; (2) appearance of amino acids; (3) appearance of self-replicating supermolecules; (4) formation of one-celled organisms; (5) formation of multicellular organisms; (6) brain linkage of an intelligent technological species (the linkage of all individual brains in the species into one single super brain); (7) the omega or all-ness stage (pg.1).

Specifically, in regards to the sixth stage the report details that a “perfect loving,  behaving citizen” can’t be accomplished unless the following happens:

The linkage of all individual brains in the species into one brain; thus a super-being having absolute control of space and time results. It requires a technological species to accomplish linkage, resulting in a multidimensional, eventually nonphysical super-being. When technology is sufficiently advanced for linkage to be developed, the power of the species’ tools is so great that its own self-destruction is imminent. Thus an advanced technological civilization is near linkage or Armageddon, and in either case, it vanishes as a limited three-dimensional species of the fifth stage. This accounts for the notable absence of technological species such as a man in the observed universe.

The author presents a quantitative argument for the existence of sixth-stage beings; Granted the existence of one, the existence of others follows. The UFO phenomena are consistent with the hypothesis that a sixth-stage super-being is stimulating the deep collective unconscious of humanity in preparation for the eventual linkage of man into a single super-being at the sixth-stage level (Introduction and pg.2-3).

The report further details how “outside intervention” will be needed in order to accomplish the sixth stage— the writer attributes this intervention to the UFO aid (pg.7).



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