By Lisa Haven

As we begin to turn another page of time and head into the 2019 New Year, many can’t help but wonder what it might harbor for those in its grasp. Everything from economic meltdown to civil riots have been thrown out, but if truth be told no one can predict with 100% certainty exactly what the New Year holds, however, we can look ahead to what the globalists are declaring and what the biblical signs reveal and gain some insights as to what may be on the horizon.

Here is the breaking report…


Here are 14 things I believe will happen in 2019:

  1. Trump will still be president but on shaky ground. They won’t have the balls to assassinate him, however, I do believe they may move to start the impeachment process. 
  2. There will be economic instability. Stocks will fall miserable (possible around 20% or more) and rise, and we might be looking at one of the worst years for stocks which could cause another 2008 in 2019.
  3. Censorship against Christians, Nationalists, and Gun Owners will rise. Nothing is stopping it right now, so they will continue to be silenced under the banner of “Political Correctness.”  But there will be a pushback from Alternative media that will be strong.
  4. Citizens will question the authority of the establishment elites and demand that more power is given back to the people.
  5. Waves of protest from citizens dissatisfied with governments will become a new normal. France “Yellow-Vest” is just the beginning.
  6. Nationalism and populism will rise and continue to grow despite the censorship attempts of the globalists. Christianity, however, will decline or stay stagnant.
  7. Terrorist attacks continue here in the United States and abroad.
  8. Indictments could finally surface, though Im not sure which side they will be for, and some investigations will be allowed on Uranium one, but I don’t believe any convictions will come through. Simply because they are a powerful cookie to crumble.
  9. Anti-Gun laws at the state level will continue to rise considering we have a Democratic Senate, we may be safe for now at the Federal Level as long as Trump’s in office.
  10. Christians will be persecuted more than ever before all across the globe. Their views on homosexuality and abortion will cause an uprising from the left. Evil will become good and good will become evil. 
  11. Illegal Migrant invasions from the south will continue. And they will continue to pour into other European countries.
  12. Increased earthquakes, tsunamis, fires as predicted in the Bible.
  13. Increase in technology and more 5G
  14. The continued rise in cancer, autism, dementia, and Alzheimer’s