By Lisa Haven

How would the nation’s founders react if, miraculously, they were transported from the late 1700s to today’s America? What would they think of the country’s demographics; its commitments to tear down a president chosen by the American people; its attack on our freedom of speech and our gun rights; its burdensome tax levels forced on Americans; a Democratic party who literally wants to globalize American into bondage. 

The truth is they would be downright disgusted.

In the video below, I reveal how the Democratic party has set out to destroy everything that made our country great. We are but days into 2019 and they already harassed the president, filed for articles to impeach him, and are planning on destroying the voting process by eliminating the Electoral College. All that and more in this breaking report…




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Clip from Rashida:——rep-rashida-tlaib-on-trump/2019/01/04/50fcd5f0-08e4-42d4-95f1-233c640114a4_video.html?utm_term=.d05ae0f16d70

For More Information See:–politics/democrats-file-articles-impeachment-against-trump/UWHGmYKlDeKCvHfe1R8ePK/