By Lisa Haven

“Welcome to the year 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better.” Ida Auken, Member of Parliament, Denmark (World Economic Forum Website)

How about that! I bet you feel all gooey inside, don’t you? Imagine a world that controls your every move, knows what you are going to do next, and in which you own nothing because it’s all FREE!!! Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Well maybe if you’re the one doing the controlling it does, but for the average everyday person, it sounds like a living HELL!

Well, this is exactly what the World Economic Forum is suggesting via Agenda 2030. A plan in which everyone works with no pay because they get their payment through “FREE Services” (food transportation, shelter, etc). A plan in which everything you own belongs to everyone else your clothes, your home, all of it! So if someone needs to use your space for business, no worries, they are welcome to it! This is socialism/communism at its finest. No need to be rich or earn a good living because everyone simply and MINIMALLY gets their needs met… never mind the fact that you are dirt poor and the elite are dirty rich and control it all. Just take your vaccines, stop having children, and comply, and they’ll be good for you.

Ug! There are times I just get so sick and tired of the crap these globalists spew, and the fact of the matter is, their agenda is already underway via Agenda 2030.

In the video below I reveal five tactics the globalists are now using to make Americans conform, and the truth is we’re a lot further along than you think. Here is their “dirty little secret”…

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