By Lisa Haven   

Two oil tankers were attacked in The Gulf of Oman on Thursday. One tanker was Norwegian attacked by a magnetic mine, the other was a Japanese vessel hit with a torpedo.

This is the second time ships have been targeted. A few weeks ago, four ships, including two Saudi oil tankers, were damaged in mysterious ‘sabotage attacks’ off the UAE coast. One of the commercial ships was said to be en route to pick up Saudi oil to transport to America.

Trump’s administration believe’s Iran or Iranian backed proxies are responsible for this attack. Especially, considering the tensions between the US and Iran. 

In the video below, I delve into the possibly would could be looking at the starting point for WWIII. I also detail how the mainstream media is ignoring the fact that “Iranian sleeper cells” are still alive and well in the US. And that 10,000 persons from terrorist countries have been allowed to roam free in America. 6,000 of which come from the country of Iran.

All that and more below…




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