By Lisa Haven   

While the world is watching the mainstream media report lies, the global elite is secretly implementing their plans of mass human slaughter.

According to the Georgia Guidestones, they want millions of people dead and will stop at nothing to get it done. So they aggressively pursue their plan of depopulation…

Today many methods of depopulation are being implemented, however, the biggest attack is being initiated against our health using chemtrails, fluoride, GMO’s, pharmaceutical drugs, vaccinations, and Obamacare death panels, to name a few.

The campaign to eliminate “useless eaters” on behalf of the planet’s “privileged ruling elite,” is sure to take a more ravenous toll as global population levels rise. It can be expected.

It is no secret that the elite wants millions dead, and no longer do they hid it under, no, it’s out in the open and they are proud of their stance, and any numb-nut who denies it, well, they can just rest in their stupidity.

In the video below, I interview Health expert Ronnie McMullen, who reveals all the information above, plus more….


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