By Lisa Haven

The Global Order, (aka the New World Order), has plans for humanity.   The depth and intricacy is not understood yet by the masses but it will impact everyone in the end.  This is not a conspiracy term anymore…we are all living under the veil of their rule.

With every dark agenda comes a plan on how to execute.  Although there is no public ‘playbook’ to reference, you can be fairly certain by actions we have already seen exactly the secrets they keep.  The most well documented and now enacted in various forms is that of the Global ID; called the Real ID in the U.S.  This is just one of many insidious secrets they hold.

From vaccinations to Global warming a fake and deadly narrative is being written to control a population of potential servants the NWO would all like us to be.  If you value your freedom it is more imperative now than ever to understand their stealth attack and how they plan to execute it.  Doing anything less will leave your future in their hands and that is a future that none of ever want to realize.

All that and more below…

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